We want to hear from YOU!

Tell us all about your experience getting to, from, and around Binghamton University! We are gathering as much input as possible as part of Binghamton’s University Transportation and Parking Study. AND WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

There are several ways to give your input… and hey, your ideas may be incorporated into the University’s plan!

Be sure you:

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56 thoughts on “We want to hear from YOU!

  1. Please increase the number of parking lots on campus. It has become very difficult to park and there are even people who are illegally parking, making it difficult to pull out of parking spots.
    Thanks you.

  2. The parking situation here at Binghamton University is much better than a lot of other university campuses. I’m grateful that the price to park is affordable and the hike from the lot to my building is reasonable.

    • I agree. No more parking lots please. OCCT and BC Transit are free to campus employees and students. We have incentives for carpooling. Biking through the southside residential areas is safe and easy. I would suggest raising the parking rates to discourage car travel.

      • What about commuters that don’t live on a bus line and are too far away to ride a bike (or too old)? Carpooling is not the answer for everyone either, since some of us do live so far away we need to do errands oftentimes after work, to save on fuel costs within our own budgets. Should we be discriminated against and/or punished with higher parking rates for that?

  3. We keep adding more people and buildings and taking away the parking. There definitely needs to be more parking. Build a couple of multilevel parking garages. Designate student parking and employee parking. Or, develop a parking lot across the campus and run a shuttle.
    Another issue is the lighting at certain crosswalks. The crosswalks between Couper parking garage and the circle need better lighting. It is very difficult to see pedestrians at night, or on rainy nights.

    • I agree 100% with Ann’s comments. The number of buildings and people do not make the Brain roadway wide enough or safe enough. And parking is a major issue, especially for employees. Building a parking lot off campus for employees is an idea, but you would need to have more than one shuttle bus operating during key hours of the day.

      • I 100% concur with better lit crosswalks. As a pedestrian, I have to be very cautious to make sure that I am visible to drivers, especially after dark, even in the crosswalk. As a driver, it is nearly impossible to see a pedestrian until they are already in the road in front of you, particularly the crosswalks by Newing, Old Dickinson, and CIW/Engineering Building. Maybe better lighting for the crosswalk and the ramps on either side of it, so drivers can also see people waiting to cross?

  4. As an avid biker, I get everywhere around campus on my bike. Recently I helped start the Bike Share on campus, which has been successful so far. The only problem is that our campus is not very bike friendly. I suggest we incorporate some kind of bike lane. Possible making the brain one way?

  5. Please have more people working for parking services because it is occasionally very difficult to get someone to speak with on the phone. Thank you!

  6. There is a huge need for more residential parking, particularly on the east side of campus near Dickinson and CIW. The idea of a multilevel parking garage would work well because it wouldn’t take up too much of the green area.

    • If you think East Campus parking is bad now, wait until the renovations are done to the union area…more offices moving to this side of campus will make things even worse!

      • I agree with Samantha and Birgit. It might help if a certain number of parking spaces were for commuters only (faculty, staff, students living off-campus) until 8:30 am every weekday. This way, cars that aren’t moved very often would be parked further out, while cars that come and go every day would have at least a chance of getting a spot in the morning.

  7. I live on the southside of Binghamton and the LRS does not run after 12AM. When I try to get back to my house after midnight, I feel extremely unsafe when I am walking. I originally chose to live in this area of the city because the buses used to run much later so I thought that transportation and safety would not be an issue for me. Is there any way the buses can run until 2AM like they used to.

    • I couldn’t agree with this more! I too live on the Southside and feel as if the buses are starting to cater more towards on campus students with the addition of the Westside Special in place of the late night LRS runs. Without the late night LRS, getting home is not just difficult for everyone who lives on the Southside, but also for students who live in places like Up, Hayes, or Meadows (who have to take a bus back to campus and then transfer back to a Downtown Express). I thought OCCT stood for Off-Campus-College-Transport? But maybe I’m wrong…

    • I live in UP and I was really surprised they cut out the LRS at night. It makes it extremely difficult to come home from downtown after midnight without a bus that takes me directly to UP. Its cutting off 3 apartment complexes from coming home after midnight, which is unacceptable.

  8. Ample paid parking near the main library is essential – the library gets ample non-campus use, and it is very difficult for non-campus members to find parking otherwise. parking should be made available via shuttle to off campus lots for extended use (ie dorms) in order to free up more spots on campus for commuters. It doesn’t make sense to have cars parked on campus that move every few days.

  9. I definitely think the parking situation here can be improved, primarily by having well lit and well placed signage indicating spaces for parking and their restrictions. Additionally east campus needs more parking space as aforementioned, with new offices and another residential hall opening soon.

  10. There’s not enough parking for Residents – especially new Dickinson! It would be awesome to just park in commuter lots overnight and move in the morning ! its super frustrating when theres no space in Old johnson or CIW that I have to park in newing but cant park in commuter! i should have as much parking privileges if not more than commuter

  11. Many of the parking spaces are too narrow. I’ve found so many door dings and scratches on my vehicle after parking on campus.

    It can be dangerous to leave a space in Lot U–You can’t always see oncoming traffic when you’re backing out or pulling out of a space in that lot.

  12. There isn’t enough parking for new Dickinson! After Digman opens I really don’t know if I’ll ever be able to find a spot to park.

    • The parking for Dickinson and CIW are horrific. It is obvious that a parking study was not done or parking not considered when plans for the new Dickinson Community was developed. You have to sit in the lots and wait for someone to leave to get a parking space if you happen to leave campus. Question- does the number of parking permits for residences match the number of parking spaces (especially for Dickinson and CIW)?

  13. I’m a Student Congress Representative for Hinman College, and I’ve heard a couple of ideas on how parking can be improved. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at rsheppa2@binghamton.edu.

    —-For the west side of campus, Lot N and especially L should become Resident only parking lots since they are very small and can cater to the smaller amount of Hinman residents that can park there. Lot M2, M3, and M4 should become Commuter only parking lots since they provide much more space. Lot M1 should continue to be used by both if need be. As a Hinman Resident, it’s an issue having to leave campus in the middle of the day and come back since they’re are no parking spaces left. Most times, I find that the only available parking is in Lot X in front of Susquehanna, which is very far from Hughes, Lehman, and Roosevelt Halls.

    —-Also, the Hertz Rent-A-Car Program should be brought back closer to the residential communities so that residents can take advantage of it. There’s nothing wrong with leaving some cars in the Parking Garage for commuters to use them, but cars should be added to Lot T to cater to Newing, Dickinson and CIW Residents and Lot M0 to cater to Hinman, Mountainview, and Susquehanna Residents.

    —-Lot E in front of the East Gym should also allow residents to park there who want to drive from a farther location such as Hinman or Susquehanna to the East Gym. E1 is not as safe of a place to park when it’s dark out (limited lighting) and Lot E is often empty when commuters are not on campus.

    —-More parking is alway ideal, but I’m not sure where you can put more unless you pave some green areas around Old Dickinson or put more behind Health Services. Also, while there is still some sidewalk room, the main road around campus (Ring Road) should be widened. It’s really tough for two buses to pass each other without one of them having to stop and let the other one by.

    Hope this helps!

  14. Bus service needs to be expanded dramatically, with more frequent service and with additional routes. I drive to campus almost every day, but would be happy to take a bus if there was service every 15 or 20 minutes. I lived in a town in Europe (not much bigger than the Binghamton area) which had public transit every 6 or 12 minutes throughout the day. Didn’t need a car. BU should emulate that, with shuttle service, expanded OCCT service, partnership with BC transit, etc.

    • How about setting up a Park & Go situation at the Oakdale Mall using that big, unused lot by Sear’s? That would be a perfect direct route from JC to BU?

  15. Apart from magically creating more parking spaces, getting around on campus would be much easier with better pedestrian education. Unfortunately, smart students don’t always make the smartest pedestrians (or the most considerate), so there is a constant trickle of students holding up cars/buses/even bikes across campus. The intersection between CIW and Dickinson should have a crosswalk light and/or a traffic light so that such a wide road space is more regulated.

    If possible, the space behind new Dickinson would be a good place to expand parking facilities.

    Additionally, I agree with Hilton Baxter about OCCT/ buses in general. Even if it isn’t possible to expand lines in the near future, implementing a bus tracking system/application (other schools have them, Ex. UT Austin) would make the bus system much easier to use. Unfortunately, OCCT tends to run late/ early (rarely on time) which is frustrating if there is only one bus every hour. A tracking system would make it more accessible and easier for users to plan for bus schedule flux.

  16. Many individuals do not stop properly when pedestrians used the marked crosswalks. It is a New York State law that vehicles must be at a stop until the pedestrian completely crosses the road. Members of the University Community should be fully informed about this law — it must be publicized!

    • I agree. In addition, most of the crosswalks are poorly lit and drivers don’t see pedestrians at crosswalks easily when it’s dark.

  17. Parking for staff should be more of a priorty, student parking should be in one place like east gym/west gym area only, due to most cars sit all week. you have to pay to park to work??? and get poor parking options. very frustrating, and ABSOLUTELY no parking on campus for construction workers.

      • Only staff that are represented by a bargaining union pay $20.00. Research Foundation staff, like myself, pay the same rate as students. Faculty and staff often cannot find parking anywhere near our offices because students park their cars for extended periods of time. On campus students who do not move their vehicle on a daily basis should park in remote lots, so that commuters and faculty and staff have easier access to the academic spine. We need more commuter parking space near the academic spine.

        • There should be some spaces available to faculty. As a previous student residential student, off campus student, and current faculty member, commuter parking is the biggest issue for campus which creates, not only frustrations and poor moral, but creates safety concerns with people fighting over spaces. There is plenty of parking spaces for all cars but residential/faculty/commuter spaces are not strategically placed around campus.

    • We need a closer parking area for our elder faculty members. Some of our faculty are over 65 and shouldn’t have to walk from the top of the hill in M1 Lot . Elders should be given closer parking.

  18. There should be “preferred” parking locations for people who don’t qualify for the Handicapped parking passes but still could benefit from easier access to buildings.

  19. This survey asks your affiliation with the campus-student, faculty, staff, etc. then proceeds to ask questions that are slanted toward student transportation needs. I skipped many questions since they don’t apply and have no option for non-student input. Not an equitable survey.

    • Totally agree. I ended up skipping most of the questions because they just didn’t apply. Better parking that is closer to where I work would be appreciated. They will never run a bus out where I live so taking public transit is not an option. Its frustrating when ;you get to campus and see cars parked in spots that have been sitting there for weeks because who ever owns it obviously doesn’t really need it on campus to attend their classes. I’d even be satisfied with Staff/Faculty only parking out a bit as long as shuttles ran every 15 minutes during the most busy part of the day and stopped at various locations around campus.

  20. I still don’t understand how you could expand Dickinson so much but use preexisting lots for construction parking, make zero new parking lots, and then close off literally half of the very limited number parking spots that CIW and Dickinson share because it’s a “snow lot”. Where is everyone expected to park?

  21. As a commuter who takes the bus often, I know that it’s a little bit inconvenient and (at first it was confusing) to take the blue buses. But I know that to create each and every parking space costs thousands of dollars for the entity which creates it (in this case the university), which is why it costs so much to have a campus parking pass.
    We as Americans spend a huge chunk of our income on expenses associated with owning and taking care of car. Gas is getting more expensive and as a result people will need transportation alternatives to turn to. Looking towards the future, I think that Binghamton which touts itself as a “green” campus should invest in more public transport by expanding transit options to make them more convenient and frequent. More off-campus students should take the bus anyway, we’re all paying for it after all.

  22. Parking on this campus is frustrating but hardly the worst. If you look at research on parking you will find that most campuses and major employers are actually subsidizing the cost of parking for their employees – in Canada this is often taxable income, so feel lucky. What we as staff pay for parking doesn’t even come close to paying the actual construction/financing cost and ongoing maintenance cost of parking spaces. Parking garages are actually a terrible investment insofar as the maintenance and construction costs are so high.

    Also, the economics of parking are such that the more spaces you have, you actually drive more demand.

    The unpleasant truth is that there is actually enough parking on campus – but not all of it is convenient. We don’t pay enough for convenience at 20 dollars/year.

    I’d like to see increased parking fees for faculty/staff that want to park close to their offices, reduced fees for faculty/staff that don’t mind walking, and using whatever surplus is generated from increased fees put towards improving the mass transit, car/vanpooling, and bicycling options on campus.

    Walking is good for you.

  23. In summer I have to drive from Pennsylvania. In winter I can walk from home … sometimes, or ride a bike.

    I agree with others that student long-term parking could be farther away, leaving more space closer in for daily commuters (including student commuters).

    City buses would be an option, but I would have to walk to find a bus stop, since they won’t stop just at any corner.

    I’m not willing to pay more for closer-in parking unless I know what “closer” means.

    Going off campus during the day by car is impossible — no parking on return.

    I agree that some intersections are too dark at night, particularly for bicycles. The one at the intersection of the brain and the East drive at the new ECH is especially tricky.

    The S curve down to the brain from the Health Center to the brain is too sharp for safety, even at slow speed, and especially at night.

    I don’t understand why parking was put on the East entrance drive next to ECH and removed from the old Dickinson strip on the brain.

    I learned to drive slower on campus my first week 16 years ago when a polite policeman warned me without a ticket. Slow is good.

    I agree with the suggestion to alter the salamander ramps, plow the preserve bypass and let it be used in the winter to alleviate some congestion elsewhere.

    The brain should give preference to pedestrians always and everywhere, but can’t become a pedestrian mall. Students are who they are, and cellphones aren’t going away.

  24. Thank you for the opportunity to provide comments and feedback regarding campus parking and traffic. My thoughts:

    -Change the direction of vehicular traffic around the brain from two-way to one-way only; this would address the issue of the road being too narrow

    -Install traffic lights at congested areas to regulate the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic and reduce bottlenecks (they can be set to flash yellow except during class start/dismissal times or other mass migration times)

    -Improve lighting, especially at cross-walks, to provide greater visibility

    -Provide shuttle service from outlying parking areas and run them frequently throughout the core business hours

  25. The Newing parking Lot (S1, S2, & S3) during winter is REDICULOUS. The number of people I have seen that can not get their cars out is way too many. Something needs to be done to better accommodate the snow in that lot and make it easier for people to use. Also, the drive to get out of the lot is not taken care of well enough either, I have seen many people get stuck on that hill as well.

  26. Our office is supposed to be moving later this year to the old Dickinson Dining Hall. I can only imagine what parking problems await us! Need more parking.

  27. I think cameras installed in key locations could potentially be helpful to deter people from leaving the scene after hitting an unattended parked car. My car has been hit in the past while parked in the Upper M lot, and I only found out after getting to the parking lot to find damage but no note. :-( A camera (or cameras installed) in the right spot(s) could have helped the police to identify who was responsible.

  28. So many valid comments have already been stated. I think a lot off campus with a shuttle service is a great idea and will relief congestion on campus. I also suggest more adherence to the speed limits. It’s scary crossing even in the cross walks because many don’t slow down let alone stop. The speed in the parking lots is also a problem. I agree with Ann that we need more spots especially with the increase in buildings and enrollment. Again I think an off campus lot with shuttle service or parking garage is a great idea.

  29. I have been on campus over 20 years and the student population has grown substantially but the number of parking spaces (not related to new student housing) has not grown at the same rate. President Stenger has announced plans to grow to 20K students by 2020. Larger enrollment will be accompanied by more faculty and staff. I do not feel that it is feasible to expand the campus community without building new parking lots. I realize that it is impossible to have parking that is close to the center of campus therefore remote lots with shuttle buses would be a welcomed improvement. Perhaps a multilevel structure built on an existing lot would add parking without destroying green space.

  30. Parking for an on-campus student is terrible. I pay a high amount of money to park within the lots designated to my community, but often times find that there are no spots available. Either limit the amount of parking permits given or enforce ticketing vehicles. Everyday I walk by countless cars that do not have permits at all or are commuters parking in lots designated to residents only.

  31. I currently live on campus and can never find a spot close to my dorm. I live in College in the Woods and there is a tiny lot that is expected to be shared between the entire CIW and Dickinson communities. If I get back to campus later than 10pm I usually have to park in Newing, halfway across campus. If it’s 2am I have to make that walk and I do not feel comfortable. It is also inconvenient in the cold months, most of the school year. Ultimately, there is not nearly enough parking on campus.

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