10 thoughts on “BIKING: Do you bike? How would you improve facilities?

  1. I have thought about getting a bike to ride to campus on my less busy day (2-3days/week) but the the roads are not pedestrian or bike friendly at all. I like that theres more bike racks to lock them.

  2. The campus needs to make it a priority to encourage bike commuting. Thinking about the coming global climate change catastrophe, it is madness to provide more incentives for auto use, such as expansion of low-cost parking.

    BU needs to build many more open-sided covered bike parking structures, near EVERY building or building complex.

    The intersection at the main campus entrance road is not well designed for bike commuters. For example, the traffic lights are adaptively programmed based on cars in the lanes, but the sensors apparently can’t see a person on a bike: the light will never change for you unless you press the signal switch (or unless a car comes along adjacent or behind you).

  3. There are places in Binghamton where the stop lights remain red in the lower traffic direction until vehicles (ie cars) approach the intersection. If on bicycle, then we have to sit and wait and sometimes cross when it appears safe even though the light is not in our direction (or else try to figure out where the electric eye is that is detecting cars that come into the intersection). One such crossing is Bun Hill Rd coming from the Old Vestal Rd. These intersections need to be fixed to make them bicycle-friendly.

    • There is a place (person) on a BMTS bike and pedestrian committee who can adjust the sensitivity of the vehicle sensing loops. If you send me an e-mail note giving an intersection that does not detect a bike I will try to get that info to the person who can make adjustments…..

  4. There should be bike lanes on campus.
    Students riding bikes on the sidewalk is not ok, there needs to a type of separation between bikes and pedestrians.
    In Binghamton, the bikes lines are ok but they aren’t well maintained. I need to be skipping holes in the bike lines downtown, not really fun when your bike damages.

  5. Binghamton U. does not have a bicycle policy posted that I can find. Please consider putting the following policy on the BU web page so if someone wants to come here they will know what they should do to get around by bicycle.

    These five points make up the BU bicycle policy:
    1) Binghamton University encourages people to get around by bicycle.

    2) Binghamton University requires bicycle riders to use safe practices.

    3) Binghamton University encourages owners to secure their bikes.

    4) People having bicycles on campus are to have contact information on their bike.

    5) If a bike is improperly locked University Police may remove the bike.

    Policy explanations:

    1) For reasons of environment and health and wellness BU encourages people to ride bicycles. Bicycle racks on city buses and on Off Campus Community buses makes this easier.

    2) Riding safely means riding in a manner that will cause no one to have any concern for their safety, the safety of anyone nearby, or the safety of the rider. New York bicycle riding laws are in effect on campus at all times. (http://www.nybc.net/online-resources/nybikelaws)

    3) Bicycle security means when ever a bicycle is not in use it should be locked in a way that it will not interfere with any other activity. Bicycle racks can be found all over campus.

    4) The owner of a bicycle should have some sort of contact information displayed on their bicycle, so if some need arises to move a bike, or to report damage, we will have some way to contact the owner. Contact information could include phone number of the owner or a relative, e-mail address, or Facebook contact information.

    5) Bicycles that appear abandoned, or improperly secured, after attempts to contact the owner, may be removed at the discretion of University Police.

  6. It was a terrible decision to remove the east sidewalk up east Campus Drive 4 or 5 years ago! This was a critical safety lane for cycling both uphill and downhill. The single uphill car lane on East Campus Drive is too narrow for me to cycle safely — especially with all the construction traffic. That forces cyclists onto the sidewalk. PLEASE REPLACE THE EAST SIDEWALK OR ELSE WIDEN THE UPHILL LANE WITH A BIKE LANE!!!

  7. I would love to bike to campus but the route coming from the downtown area is not conducive towards commuting by bicycle

    • I heard someone talk about the construction of a bike/walk pathway between Binghamton University and downtown that would go along Vestal Avenue, but I am not sure how far along those plan are.

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