21 thoughts on “DRIVING: What do you love? Hate? TELL US!

  1. The bus that goes between ITC and main campus every 15 minutes is a huge asset to faculty, staff and students. However multiple complaints have been made about the speed of the bus in the ITC parking lot. It seems that they slow down for a few days after a complaint, but it never lasts. Someday there will be an accident, either pedestrian or vehicle. These drivers NEED to slow down at ITC.

  2. Designated staff parking like other SUNY campuses so staff would not have to tour multiple lots to find a space. guardrails installed between walkway & road with only openings at designated walkways and road crossings —guardrails high enough that they can’t just be stepped over

    • Having residence halls on one side of the main road of campus, and almost all classes & admin space on the other side of the main road is practically designed to create accidents. Best long-range solution would be vehicles and pedestrians on different levels (underground passageways for pedestrians or overhead bridges). Or even put the entire “brain” underground.

  3. I live on the southside of Binghamton and the LRS does not run after 12AM. When I try to get back to my house after midnight, I feel extremely unsafe when I am walking. I originally chose to live in this area of the city because the buses used to run much later so I thought that transportation and safety would not be an issue for me. Is there any way the buses can run until 2AM like they used to.

  4. I have not paid for parking for the last 2 years because when I did pay for parking I still had to walk to Health Services. I do not mind walking, but if you have to leave for an appointment you need to leave 15-20 minutes earlier to walk to your car. Which means that you need to charge additional time. To find a close parking spot, I had to arrive an hour earlier to my start time. I walk in from Murray Hill or from UHS, since I am employed there as well. Beside staff, it is not fair for the commuters to have to arrive early to drive around campus multiple times before finding a spot to park. Residential students should be made to park in the bigger lots. Construction workers should be asked to park off campus and be shuttled onto campus.

    • I do like the idea of Construction workers being parked off campus and shuttled to campus. I also think its a good idea to use the parking lots across from campus for students, staff and faculty and have shuttles running from there to in campus. I would not want myself or anyone else crossing the Vestal Parkway (since I see many people run that light). I don’t mind walking but I don’t want to get hit or have someone else hit by a car doing it if we are able to utilize that parking.

  5. Exiting campus late afternoon can be tricky. The three lanes leading out of the main entrance are not marked well enough so there is dangerous cross-over at/after the light (especially by visitors.) There should be prominent signage after leaving the circle,indicating that the left lane is for Vestal Parkway ONLY and that Route 201 is ONLY accessible by the center lane. Maybe some soft dividers. The goal is to prevent drivers from exiting in the far left lane and cutting off those in the center lane heading onto Route 201.

  6. The Information Booth is not accessible once you’re inside campus without having to go back out to 434. When exiting the information booth I cannot see oncoming traffic.

  7. I agree that the shuttle that comes to ITC needs to slow down. It is normal that the more you drive a particular route, the more comfortable and complacent you become BUT the speed at which the shuttle travels into the parking lot is so fast that it would NEVER be able to stop quickly if needed. Unfortunately, if this continues, a serious accident WILL happen. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if “someone” sat inconspicuously and observed.

    My other (short term) suggestion would be to make the brain one-way only (two lanes going in one direction).

    In conversation with a co-worker the other day, we wondered if students who were observed not using crosswalks were given a verbal warning. Students really take advantage of the yield to pedestrian rule.

  8. I think the brain should be one-way from the intersection with the east access road (heading west) to the intersection by Hinman near the current bus stop. The nature preserve road could then be made one-way heading east from the gate location behind Mountainview where the road is usually closed for the winter to the intersection with the east access road close to the back entrance to the university.

    All buses would then be routed to the east upon entering the university from any location and all bus stops could be on the inside of the brain so as to accommodate passengers loading and unloading at locations where the majority of them would not then have to cross the street to get to classes etc.

    As for the nature preserve road and the salamander issue. The current blacktop ramps could be converted to curb cuts as are made for human intersections. Then the road could be plowed without problems with the ramps and since the road will be one way, it would not have to be plowed totally from curb to curb. In fact, if you wanted to you could allow parking along the left hand side of the road to make it easier for people to access the nature preserve, during the non-snow months at least.

  9. Driving around the “Brain Road” is hazardous at best. I enter the campus via the East Access and Connector Road or Bun Hill access thus avoiding most of the pedestrian and buss traffic. I would recommend keeping the Connector Road open and only closing in March and April for the brief salamander run. Additionally the “Brain Road is too narrow for buses and trucks to pass safely and crossings are poorly lit at night especially during rain or snow. Flashing lights in the road bed are really not effective.

    I would recommend a short connector from the East Access Road, opposite Health Services, to Lot Y 4-5 on the Connector Road. `This would improve Harpur;s Ferry response time to the West side of campus during class changes and when the Connector Road is closed.

  10. The brain road shouldn’t even exist. There’re too many cars, students, bikes, cats and dogs going everywhere.
    It’s necessary for students to walk more and drive less, it would simply be amazing to have a campus that is pedestrian in the inside and car oriented in the outside, except for delivery trucks and emergency vehicles.
    Police officers get crazy when a person drives over the minimum, what if a person is crossing the street while a cop is following a car? That’s not safe.

  11. I find it very frustrating/dangerous to drive around the main campus road. Pedestrians can block traffic for up to 5 minutes at high-traffic times of the day. I would like there to be crosswalk signals so cars and pedestrians can pass through safely at designated times.

  12. The Biggest problems….Pedestrians that aren’t paying attention that just step out into the road in non-designated pedestrian crossings, forcing you to slam on your brakes. Drivers that are going to fast are also a big problem–more speed bumps around the brain would take care of that.

  13. Everyone should use the designated crosswalks. I agree that many students take advantage of the ‘yield to pedestrian’ rule. On many occasions, I have had to abruptly stop when a student walked out in front of me without looking. Resident students with cars should have to park in the lots farthest away and construction workers should park in the lot across the parkway (next to UHS) and be shuttled in.

  14. During busy times between classes, pedestrian traffic is often overwhelming and causes many traffic backups, specifically around the old union and lecture halls. Having an officer manage the pedestrians and cars would be helpful. Also, the closing of Connector Rd. causes a significant increase of traffic on the main Brain road. Keep connector road open during the winter.

  15. The area around the new dorms at especially Dickinson Community where the East Access road joins the East Drive are a disaster waiting to happen. There needs to be some way to regulate pedestrian traffic across the East Access Rd. at East Drive as sometimes during the day (especially between classes) it is almost impossible for cars to get through this intersection due to the constant stream of pedestrians. Also, at dusk or dark, the two crosswalks between Dickinson Community and College-in-the-Woods needs MUCH better lighting! This area is very dark and it is VERY hard to see pedestrians crossing between the parked cars.

  16. I am very concerned about the safety of pedestrians crossing the very wide VERY DARK crosswalk between Academic AB and Lot M2 (near Facilities). Last night with no moonlight and rainy darkness, I was surprised by a pedestrian. As west-bound drivers are on a downhill blind curve this is very dangerous. The problem starts at Hinman and proceeds through the curve. Significantly more lighting is needed at this crosswalk and others in this stretch.

  17. When a bus is stopped at the bus stop, on the four lane road driving toward the Bunn Hill exist, you can not see people crossing in front of the bus until they step into the middle lane. Buses on campus do not signal all traffic to stop (like a school bus), so the automobiles passing the bus must stop suddenly to avoid hitting someone stepping directly into their lane. It is unsafe for the driver and pedestrians. Possibly moving the crosswalk a bit away from the bus stop may prevent people from trying to cross in front of the bus on a crosswalk without clear view of traffic.

  18. The road at the bottom of Lot M is far too busy to drive or walk without paying close attention. It is difficult to pull out from the road that exits the parking lot and routinely the cross walk serves as the absent traffic signal (if your lucky you may be able to pull out when everything stops momentarily, unless a car is stopped directly in front of you). It is far too busy of an area not to consider safety: a line of cars existing the parking lot, 2-3 cross walks in a short distance from one another, city buses stopping on both sides of the street when there is only a designated on one side, etc.

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