18 thoughts on “TRANSIT: Take BC Transit? OCCT? What would you improve?

  1. 1. Build monorail that circles campus
    2. Add monorail spur from campus to ITC/ESB complex
    3. Add connector line to downtown center(s)

    • A monorail (or similar on-demand horizontal version of an elevator) would be fantastic. And it would probably be unique. Lots of universities have bus service, but BU could use a monorail as a selling point few other places could match.

  2. I live on the southside of Binghamton and the LRS does not run after 12AM. When I try to get back to my house after midnight, I feel extremely unsafe when I am walking. I originally chose to live in this area of the city because the buses used to run much later so I thought that transportation and safety would not be an issue for me. Is there any way the buses can run until 2AM like they used to.

    • I deal with this same exact problem. It’s really inconvenient that the Leroy doesn’t run like it used to last year.

  3. As a parent, often on campus for only short periods of time (under ten to fifteen minutes), there doesn’t seem to be anyplace convenient to park and use a rest room. At least, not anyplace we currently know.

    Nor is there anywhere other than Visitor Parking that is close to the Union and other central campus sites to pick up a quick bit to eat/drink/coffee etc. We know there are facilities in each of the Living Community dinning halls, but they are not always open to non-students or convenient to use.

    Also, our son tells us he would like us to visit the Chenango Room. We would enjoy this if we didn’t have to face parking and walking, probably not do-able unless we are on campus for several hours.

    To be honest, we’ve come to find locations away from campus, and therefore take our business off campus, including lunch or dinner, when we are in town for more than a quick drop-off or pick-up.

    We suggest you try to integrate this into your transportation plans, as well.

  4. The week before classes start…every semester, ISSS and many departments have orientation sessions for new students. OCC is not accommodating at all for our new students. OCC runs less shuttles to ITC and time is very limited when they are run. Some days shuttles don’t run at all that week each semester. Our campus needs to show they care about our new students rather than leave them to figure out how to navigate the campus without the OCC shuttles.

    Comment about the survey…many questions are written that target a small fraction of the campus travelers and I agree with other comments I’ve read…comments sections need to be added to make the best use of the survey.

  5. It would be great if the OCCT started their normal semester schedule at least a week earlier every semester to accommodate the many students who arrive on campus who have no other means of transportation between the ITC, main campus, and the downtown center. There are so many events (usually mandatory) that are planned for new/returning (mostly graduate and international) students and not having reliable, scheduled transportation is inconvenient. Also, I think the practice of charging fees to departments for an extra shuttle here and there should be revisited.

  6. I take the Triple Cities a lot, and I wish it would run more frequently than just each weekday morning. As Binghamton University moves away from day classes and more toward afternoon/evening/night courses, I’d love to see OCCT follow the trend.

  7. 1. I understand from the point of view of drivers that certain communities are close to campus and thus don’t need a bus stop, but for the sake of students travelling from one side of the campus to the other, it would be great if the RES and Campus Shuttle can combine to offer the Apartment Communities a way to travel to the Newing Community or the gyms (and vice versa). Yes, we can walk to the Union then take the bus from there or take the bus to the Union and walk from there but not during wintertime or when you are carrying heavy items.
    2. THANK YOU for making lines for Downtown-direct buses on Fridays and Saturdays, but I’m sure downtown residents would also appreciate it if Downtown Express can run starting at 10pm so people going home would not have to squeeze in line and fight for a space with party-goers (and potentially not get a spot to go home).
    3. OCCT lateness. WS has a tendency to arrive at the Twin River stop a few minutes late or be packed (especially 9AM-ish WS). DCR always seem to come on time but not WS.

    • Regarding OCCT lateness: you have to understand that it is impossible for us to predict arrival times to stops that are late into a run (e.g. UDC on the WS route as it is the last of approximately 25 stops). The reasons is that we leave from campus at the same time always, but as the route progresses, the time varies quite a lot depending on: 1) traffic, 2) how many times we have to stop to let people on or off, 3) if people give us problems while trying to board/get off. That is why the DCR is always on time because the UDC is the first stop on the route so it tends to arrive at a more constant time as opposed to the WS, which has numerous stops before it reaches the UDC.

      There are, however, “arrival times” on the OCCT schedule, but those are commonly misunderstood. They are generally for the drivers to use so that they don’t go through the route too fast and cause a lot of people to miss the bus. Think of those time’s as “the bus will get here at this time at the earliest,”instead of “the bus should be here by this time.”

      I hope this clears things up a little and people get less angry at the bus driver/OCCT. We really do try out very best to accommodate for our passengers.

  8. I live by the Oakdale Mall and the transportation to campus in the mornings is very difficult. The OCC does not start running until 3pm. To attend a morning class I have to use a combination of public buses. I have to use at least two different buses to arrive to campus and always hope that the second bus will wait for my bus to arrive on time so I can make the transfer. Technically, travel time between the two points should be 15 minutes or so. If I make all the transfers on time it takes me close to an hour to get to campus.
    It will be very helpful if the OCC would have some kind of schedule early in the morning from the Oakdale Mall. Thank you for the consideration

  9. It feels like Broome County Transit and OCCT duplicate routes. Can there be coordination? Is having multiple systems the correct way to do this? Does Ithaca’s TCAT save money and run more efficiently? (I presume so, as it makes sense, but I have never seen research.)

    Also, getting around is much more difficult when school is not in session and OCCT stops. What about faculty, grad students, and researchers who are working year round? That means they have to use a car. A major research institution never stops.

  10. The location I live is very beneficial to me because I have the DCR, Leroy, and Westside 23 bus just blocks away.
    However, I tend to not be able to get to class on time because BU buses are usually full.
    What about sending the new bigger buses during rush hour times?
    Also, weekend schedules are mostly hourly. It’s hard to get to school during weekends when these buses run during different times and every hour.
    I cannot stop taking occt transit because it’s the only way I can get to work and school in the morning.

  11. I live in Hayes and it can be really frustrating that the number 5 and the UP shuttle seem to run on a similar schedule. They should be staggered at 15 minute intervals (instead of both coming at the same time every half hour) so that if I miss one I can make the net one and still be I time to class. A lot of times I end up walking because I just missed the bus and the next one would make me late for class.

  12. To be honest, we really just need more parking, for instance near Newing/Dickinson. Options near Hinman/Student Wing/Science Buildings are alright, yet sometime event the Events Center is full. When paying for my pass, I want to be able to use it. Also, I much preferred when the paid parking was only 8-5pm Mon-Fri, after 5 you could either pay or use your parking pass. Not being able to park in all those empty spaces without paying on top of my parking pass is annoying. Now they are all “24 hours PAID parking”

  13. 1. The worst time to take the bus going to Johnson City is on Friday and Saturday evenings–when students are headed downtown. The line is ridiculously long and people are shoving to get onto the bus. By the time it gets to the stop near physical facilities, some students cannot board the bus because it is filled.

    2. It would be nice if OCCT had stop signs along their routes.

    3. The bike racks are a nice new addition for OCCT.

  14. More frequent buses and larger buses to accommodate more people would be fantastic. People living in UP or downtown that rely on the bus to get to campus sometimes get their stop skipped because there are too many people on the bus and get to campus and class late because the buses were full. It is something that should be fixed

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