11 thoughts on “WALKING: Where are the worst places to walk? Best?

  1. The cross walk by the lecture hall to Hinman can be very congested between people and vehicles depending on the time of day. Also, pedestrians regularly do not use the cross walks and just step out into the road without looking. Drivers really have to pay attention to what oblivious walkers might do at a moments notice.

    • Another spot that needs attention is the intersection of East Access Road and East Drive. At certain times pedestrian traffic is heavy, vehicles back up and people get impatient. It wouldn’t be bad to have a stoplight with walk signs there, at least during busy times. A more expensive solution would be an overhead walkway (or an underground passage) for pedestrians.

  2. A sidewalk is needed along the service road from the back of Science 1 and Academic B. My office overlooks that road and there are many walkers who use it to get to West Drive. The service drive is barely big enough for two cars and it’s incline hides walkers from drivers until they are right on them.

  3. I think some of the cross walks need to have better lighting. Especially in the Winter months when it gets darker earlier. Also, as someone mentioned before, there are certain areas of campus that gets congested more than others. How about the use of cross signals. I know it sounds silly or childish, but depending on the time of day, either there are cars that either don’t see or don’t care and just go through the crosswalk, Other times, there is just a huge amount of people walking that traffic gets backed up especially at night with the busses, students and staff getting on and off the busses people leaving in cars etc, over by the union and its just an accident waiting to happen.

  4. First comment for sure! Agreed! Walking to any places outside but around campus is horrible. Old Tea House is fine, but Texas Roadhouse, UHS Hospital, Buffet Star, or anywhere beyond the direction of Old Tea House. The only choice is to walk on the grass but with cars zooming past you three feet away, it doesn’t feel safe at all. And there is no clear and continuous sidewalk out the front entrance to the other side of the street.

  5. Binghamton has become a hassle to walk anywhere around Main St, Leroy St, the other side of Main St.
    I personally don’t know what to answer to this question, only that Binghamton is currently in a place where I’m scared to walk at night anywhere that’s not downtown or close to the Downtown Center.

  6. The path behind Newing that goes to Murray Hill Road is really steep. There should be better lighting there at night. And when it rains, snows, or gets icy there needs to be a way for it to be less slippery-I am always really scared that I will fall down that path into the stream.

  7. The parking lots are often hazardous. I park in M (M, M1, etc). It is plowed for snow, but there are potholes, loose rocks and stones and ice. I fell two years ago and fractured my elbow. Recently there was an icy day where the perimeter of the lot was solid ice even though the lanes were plowed. If you park near the nature reserve end of the lot there is no sidewalk or crossing to get to the HInman community. You have to walk to the other end of the lot where there is one walkway that is steep and slippery during winter weather.

  8. Walking to parking lot M4 at night is scary & dangerous. There are no lights illuminating the walkway & the walkway is cracked & pitted. Someone is going to fall, slip, & be injured.

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