Map your route

How do YOU get to campus?

Use our wikimaps tool to map the route you take to get to/from class or work.  Click the image below.


Please note that this map functions best in the following browsers: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 7+ and Opera. For Internet Explorer, please make sure that your security level is set no higher than Medium-High.

2 thoughts on “Map your route

  1. the wikiMap doesn’t seem to work with my browser (Safari). At this time I usually drive from the area near Lourdes Hospital, along Riverside Drive, 201 south to 434 east, main entrance, park in Lot E. I have given up finding any parking space closer to my office in LN. I’d take public transit if service were significantly more frequent.

  2. Yes. Also using Safari and it either doesn’t work or it is not readily apparent how to work it. I live downtown and walk to UDC where I work. When I have to go to main campus I hop on the OCCT shuttle or Broome County bus, whichever comes first.

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